Cultural association, is oriented in organizing event about architecture, photography and art for Accademia students of Mendrisio.



Most of the time the lectures leading the audience to accept and at worst suffer what the speaker is saying..

01.04.2010 Luigi Snozzi

15.04.2010Giacomo Borella, studio Albori

29.04.2010Stefano Boeri

06.05.2010Andrea Branzi, Archizoom

This semester we would like to try chance the body of the conference by proposing contents that may become useful for the establishment of an internal critique of the student opinion in order to avoid all this words that will be forgotten in a short time.

We would like to try to understand the issue ARCHITECTURE in its entirety, reflect on the implications that the job of the architect is required to resolve beyond the mere aesthetic gesture.

Too often our students think that the job of the architect is being gradually devaluing and distorting.

We proposed to different kind of architects how are coming from differente context time and intellectuals environment, to respond to the same series of predetermined questions. The questions will be simple, but at the same very precise. They will focus on the relationship between architecture, economy, society, politics, and aesthetics "progettabilità."

> Is architecture a service?

> What is the needed architecture?

> Is contemporary living sustainable?

> To what extent does the economy influence the architectural style? To what extent architecture can influence economy?

> Did architecture produced an political debate? does architecture has the power to produce "good architecture"? It is architecture independent from the political debate that its propose?

> The form follows function? Firmitas? Utilitas? or Venustas?

> The "progetabilità", is a debate, a tool or a beautiful ruin?

We belive, will be that the sensitivity of each invited architects to make the lecture different and even if its born from a single base, from all thinkable and understandable questions. The result is concret debate based on questions we would like to face and discover.