Cultural association, is oriented in organizing event about architecture, photography and art for Accademia students of Mendrisio.

Fall 2009 - EXPO?


Series of conferences to understand what is EXPO. We invited: one architect that design the 2000 edition in Hannover to discuss about the dynamics of a world wide project event. One professor of History of architecture to understand which are the limit and the potential of this event and two architect that are working on the master plan for EXPO Milano 2015.

19.11.2009Matteo Gatto, coordinator masterplan Expo 2015 Milano

10.11.2009Stefano Boeri, project leader marsteplan Expo 2015 Milano

29.10.2009Fulvio Irace - History of Expo: from Cristal palace to Milan

20.10.2009 Michele Arnaboldi - Hannover’s plan 2000